Using the remote.

Video instruction Come in soon

  1. Power: Switch The Machine to stand by mode
  2. Mute: Turn on/off the sound.
  3. Exit: To exit out the Karaoke app.
  4. Subtitle: Turn the on/off the subtitle.
  5. Key Control: To change the original tone.
  6. Numeric Key: Key to enter number interface.
  7. Priority: Insert the current song to the first position in the play list.
  8. Play/Pause: To used to play or pause the video
  9. Return: Return to previous menu
  10. Enter: Confirmation Option
  11. Menu: Bring up the karaoke app menu or hide the menu
  12. Favorite: Add song to your favorite list
  13. Letter Key: Key to enter the letter interface.
  14. Mute: Turn on/off the sound.
  15. Replay: Restart the song or movie from beginning.
  16. Setup: Enter the KTV setting.
  17. Home: Return back to the main screen.
  18. Speed: Rewind or Fast forward.
  19. Vol: Vol+ Vol- Turn up and down the player Volume
  20. Del: Delete selected song in the play list and favorite list. Also delete the number in the code interface
  21. Stop: Stop current song and go to next song
  22. Pg Up / Pg DN: Scroll the menu in pages
  23. Direction Key To move up , down, right, left.
  24. Selected: Display the selected songs, Display the songs in the play list.
  25. Mouse: Turn the remote into mouse mode and using the direction key to move the mouse around.

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