KTV-8867 ANDROID 5tb Vietnamese karaoke player with 32000+ HD songs


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If you have any question Please call us at 971-706-8856  We speak Vietnamese and English


Chúng tôi hân hạnh giới thiệu đến quí vị máy 5TB karaoke player gồm có hơn 26150 Việt and 6300 English songs với chất lượng cao, Hình Ảnh & Âm Thanh Tuyệt Vời.(DVD and 720p HD quality) with vocal included (Paris by night, Asia, Using along, Kim Lợi, Vân Sơn, Hải Âu, MTV .. with  remotes and songbooks. ( songlist just update 4-2016 with many new hot songs)

Đầu karaoke được built in AUTO VOLUME CONTROL để giúp cho tiếng nhạc của tất cả bài hát không bị hiện tượng lớn nhỏ. 
Đầu karaoke có hình ảnh ca sĩ và tiếng hát của ca sĩ, khi quý vị không muốn hát vẫn có thể nghe. 
Máy hát karaoke của chúng tôi có những bài hát của những trung tâm ca nhạc nổi tiếng như Paris by Night Asia Vân Sơn Yousing HD…

May Karaoke sữ dụng hệ điều hành Android để điện thoại Iphone hoặc Android điều chỉnh qua kết nối wifi

26150 Vietnamese songs. 99% off the songs are at DVD format or 720p HD . only 100-200 hundred songs are low quality many costumer requested us to keep those songs. ( when I mention low quatily is still better quality than many other seller player)

Click here to download the Vietnamese song list ( 26150 songs) Free 1 year Songs update from cloud server ( no computer needed, 1 click to update new song)

6381 English Song list(6381 songs)

Vietnamese songs bookenglish songs book

Packing Content:

  • 1 KTV-8867 build in 5TB hard drive with 32467 + songs (26150 Vietnamese songs and 6300+ english songs) free songs update for 1 years. New update on 4/2016
  • 1 USB2.0 cable
  • 1 AV cable
  • 1 Remote control
  • User Manual
  • 1 Wifi Antenal
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 songs book ( 687 pages – 556 pages for Vietnamese songs, 131 pages for English songs)
  • CD disc:
    • – System files
    • – DVD Ripping Tool
    • – CDG ripping and converting tool
    • – Hard drive formatting tool
    • – Computer Karaoke Software
    • – Tool for making Song-list

    30 days money back , 1 year guarantee

Android 4.4 HD karaoke player HDMI 1080P with Auto Volume Control ( with 5tb Hard drive)

The KTV-8867 running Android Operating System. It is also a HD Smart TV Box (TV Thông Minh) which supports web browsing & media streaming which support almost all of the multimedia files formats. It is all in one home theater system where you can enjoy HD movies, Android Games, Apps, surfing the internet and a personalized photo slideshow player of your photos.

The Karaoke Player can interface with a wired or wireless mouse and keyboard, Remote Control, Android Phone,Android Tablet , iPhone and iPad. The Karaoke Air app available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store allows you to control, select and order songs from your phone. ( search Karaoke air in google Play store or Karaoke air 2 in Apple store)

Each user who is connected to the KTV-8867 System on the same WiFi network can individually control its Karaoke functions by using his or her own smart phone or tablet – no more having to share or pass around the thick song book or waiting to find your song or load your song. All that can be done easily and conveniently by a few taps on your phone or tablet.

This is a professional android full HD hard disk Karaoke machine and HD smart android TV box, with output coming to 1080P, else to support almost all of the multimedia files formats,it just like a computer,can connect to internet via WIFI or network cable,Make your TV to be smart,enable your enjoy HD movies,Android Games,Apps,surfing the internet,make your home to be a theater and bring endless entertainment. 

    As a professional karaoke machine,The karaoke system is designed user-friendly,Multiple ways to order song, Iphone and android phone  can order songs,also can select a song by speech.


Have over 32000 songs to choose. Switching the Multi-audio-track of VOB/AVI/MKV file. 99% have vocal on/off.
Can display the Multi-language font. Has an easy-to-use menu that has such features as Reserved, Insert, Replay, Inquire, Search, Favorite,Ranking etc.
HDMI output 1080P Full HD video.& 3D Video Playing MKV song files perfectly.
Support Air karaoke fuction,Select songs via Wifi by Iphone/Ipad/Android phone to control the karaoke player. Can display score with cheering and applause after each song is finished playing so as to enhance entertainment effects
Favorite function, Uses can add their favorite songs to My Favorite. Provides song ranking function,list hot popular songs.
Encryption Function, avoid songs library
being used without authorization.
Random playback function.
Build in Automatic Gain Control (AGC/AVC),can output sound on same volume level. Pre-installed andorid Kodi( TV Thong Minh)media player app.
Build-In MIC IN jack and Echo control Can display lyric of songs on select-songs interface of client app
Pre-installed Viet-TV24 app, can watch Vietnamese TV and movies online . Can download and add songs from cloud. No computer need.
3 ways for adding songs: 1) Connect the computer with Mini USB port, add songs into the hard drive of the unit by computer, and then edit the songlist.txt . 2) Produce songs in the computer first, then COPY the song files into U Disk or Portable Hard Drive, then insert the U Disk or Portable Hard Drive into the HOST USB port of the unit, operate the remote control to add the songs into the unit automatically. 3) Download and add songs from cloud.



Part Number

KTV-8867 All in one Karaoke Android – The Ultimate Entertainment System

HDD supported

Up to 3 8TB HDD – one internal SATA and two external USB


CPU AMLogic S802 Quad Cortex ARM Cortex A9r4 1.5GHz, 1GB DDR 
Flash: 8GB Interal Storage

I/O Interface

Video – Audio: HDMI1.4B – SPDIF (Optical) 
MicroSD card Reader – – 2x USB2.0 Host – 

Karaoke Mode

Supports both iOS and Android Smart phone/Tablet via WiFi 
Which can be used with the built-in Hot spot or local WiFi

Functions Supported

Karaoke and any Android Applications

Media supports: MKV, AVI, VOB, ASF, WMV, SWF,MPEG1/2/4, TS, TP, TRP, M2TS, MTS, MOD, TOD. ISO, IFO, MOV (H.264), MP4…

Audio supports: MP3,AAC, WMA, RM,FLAC, Ogg and programmable with 5.1 down-mixing Build-in SPDIF/IEC958 and PCM serial digital audio input/output


Instead of wrestling with a thick song directory book, usually the size of a telephone book, and flipping through pages after pages to find certain songs, your favorite songs can now be easily and conveniently accessed at your finger tip via your personal devices running iOS and Android, such as iPhone, iPAD, Amazon fire Tablets,Android Tablets, or Android Smart phones.

After downloading our free App, you can use your own smart phone or tablet to conveniently find your songs either by Singer’s name, Title, or Lyrics. If you are in a hurry to go, you can also queue your song choice as the next song to be played, bypassing the others if necessary.

Each user who is connected to the KTV-8867 System on the same WiFi/Wireless network can individually control its Karaoke functions by using his or her own smart phone or tablet – no more having to share or pass around the thick song book or waiting to find your song or load your song. All that can be done easily and conveniently by a few taps on your phone or tablet.


https://karaoke4less.com/8826e/us-iphone-2-karaoke-air2.jpeg https://karaoke4less.com/8826e/us-iphone-2-karaoke-air2.jpeg

DOWNLOAD these karaoke air APPS for FREE here:

https://karaoke4less.com/8826e/AS.jpg google play



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