Connect Android phone Tablet to the karaoke player.

Please check on the link below for the video instruction. it will be alot easier and more detail if you watching the video.
Or scan the QR code to go direct to the video

  1. Set up network, Wifi. Skip this step if you already done that.
  2. Using your phone, tablet go to google play app store to download the app call Karaoke air
  3. On your karaoke player make you the karaoke is running. ( some music is playing) press the setup button on the remote control locate on second row on the top. you will see the Host ip address write down that number( if you don’t see it, which is mean the player not connect to the network yet.)
  4. On your phone tablet, open the karaoke air2 app that you just download. then enter the ip address to the host ip box. the phone, tablet will connect to the karaoke player. after that click on setting then update logo and singer photo.

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